What we need to know to assist you

A Floor Waste and Tap can be installed inside the sauna room. Not necessary though unless you would like to fill up your water bucket without leaving the room. Use a ladle to sprinkle water on the rocks for increased humidity. Be careful and ladle sparingly. You can infuse the water with some drops of essential oil for aroma.

Floor Finishes: The floor in a sauna does not get hot. The most common flooring used in a Sauna is a non slip tile. Polished concrete and stone are other options.

Wooden duct board can placed on top. Be aware that dirt sticks to them and they need to be cleaned underneath on a regular basis. We do not recommended for Commercial Sauna

The Sauna door must open outwards and have no latches or locks. The door usually has a viewing window and this window can be of any desired design and size. A full tinted glass door with cedar frame is an other option. The recommended door opening size is 1980 x 900mm in commercial use.

Waterproofing: In a rendered/brick/block work room floors should be waterproofed and waterproofing should also be returned 100-150mm up the wall. Timber stud walls will require a 100-150mm Fibre Cement sheet added to support skirting tile, floor and fibre cement sheet will then be waterproofed.

Power Supply. Most Sauna Heaters are hard wired and require a circuit from the switchboard. Please check with us to what size of cable required for your sauna. Tylö heaters can support either a single phase or three phase. We have a  We also need to allow a power supply for the sauna light. The light switch must be located outside the Sauna Room.

We need to make sure you have enough power supply in your house to run the sauna room. Give us a call to discuss. It all comes down to the volume/size of your intended room.

Allow us to assist you in designing your room. Call Ulf on 416 077 834 or email info@aussiesaunas.com.au