If You’re Looking for Steam Room and Shower Installation, You Should Call Aussie Sauna & Steam

A steam room provides you with the heat and humidity you need to relax, clear congestion and detoxify your body and skin. A steam room from Aussie Sauna & Steam gives you a warm 40 – 45  degree Celsius room, with 100 per cent humidity. Our steam rooms are the modern equivalent of the Ancient Roman Baths. Once you experience the delight of being engulfed in clouds of steam, in a comfortable, constant heat, you will wonder how you ever survived without it. Aussie Sauna & Steam provides our customers with the best steam rooms.

If you are looking to install a steam room, it is important to remember that it will require plumbing and a floor waste drain. This is best configured during construction or renovation of your home. Steam rooms are hot, wet rooms and the surrounding walls and ceiling must be waterproofed. Our steam rooms can be custom designed to fit your needs. Aussie Sauna & Steam can help you figure out all of the practical aspects of your steam room installation.

Custom Steam Room and Shower Design and Installation

Aussie Sauna & Steam is the leading provider of superior steam rooms for sale. We will custom design your perfect steam room to match your needs and space. The ceiling of the steam room will be curved to allow water to run off. Depending on your tastes, budget and space, you will have a large range of choices of waterproof materials, such as metal sheeting, marble and glass. You will have choices in benches, with options such as aluminium, colour, glass, marble, and our new seating called Wedi. We can also enhance your steam room with a shower, so that you can enhance your steam room sessions with a cool or lukewarm shower when desired. A steam room shower gives you the ability to heat, cool, cleanse and totally relax your body and mind. We are proud to provide any necessary steam room accessories and parts for our customers.

Our beautiful rooms incorporate the methods of Hammam style bathing to create a feeling of exhilaration, relaxation and cleanliness. Aussie Sauna & Steam is the leading provider of premium steam rooms for both commercial buildings and private houses. We are proud to announce that our Tylo steam rooms can now be purchased with the prefabricated seating solution, Wedi, which is available exclusively to Aussie Sauna & Steam.

It Can Be Easy to Buy and Maintain Your Steam Room

At Aussie Sauna & Steam we also offer prefabricated steam rooms and showers that can be installed for either indoor or outdoor use, making the perfect addition to your pool. A steam bath is very inexpensive to operate, as it will only ever run when being used. There is no major upkeep or maintenance required for your steam room, and no harmful chemicals to be absorbed into the body. Aussie Sauna & Steam bring Swedish knowledge and expertise to Australia to provide you with the best steam rooms available.