Steam Generators For Sale in Queensland at Aussie Sauna & Steam

Aussie Sauna & Steam provide their customers with the highest quality steam rooms.  We will custom design the perfect steam room to match every client’s needs and available space.  We offer many options in waterproof materials, including glass, marble, aluminium sheeting and our new seating option Wedi.  Our powerful steam generators will envelope you in a cloud of pure steam. Your steam room can also include a custom shower, to enhance your steam room sessions.  We incorporate the methods of Hammam style bathing into our steam rooms, to provide a feeling of exhilaration, relaxation and cleanliness.  Aussie Sauna & Steam offer the best in steam rooms and steam generators for sale in Queensland.

A warm, humid, quiet steam room will give you more than just some time to yourself.  A steam room from Aussie Sauna & Steam gives you all of the benefits of a deep, soaking steam. The humidity will help to clear any congestion, as the heat helps to detoxify your body and skin.  As your muscles relax in the warmth, you will find yourself in the equivalent of the ancient Roman Baths.  Our steam rooms will create a balmy temperature of 40 to 45 degrees Celsius, with 100% humidity soaking into your skin.  Our steam rooms would be nothing without our amazing steam generators.  When you need to buy a steam generator in Queensland, we offer the best quality for you!

Steam Generator Options at Aussie Sauna & Steam

At Aussie Sauna & Steam, we have many options of steam generators to provide our clients with the best experience in their steam room.  Our Tylo steam generators have been proven to be the most reliable generators on the market.  These powerful steam generators can be positioned out of sight, while the convenient controls are electronic, and allow you to easily set the temperatures and time of operation.  The generator will begin to pump steam into the steam room minutes after start up.  Which generator is best for your steam room depends on the size of the steam room.

Aussie Sauna & Steam has been building Steam Rooms Since 1980

When you are looking to build a steam room, Aussie Sauna & Steam has all of the best options available for you.  In business since 1980, Aussie Sauna & Steam uses expert knowledge from Sweden to build our custom steam rooms to suit your needs.