Soft Sauna

Tylarium Tylarium Soft Sauna

If 90C heat is not for you, we have the solution.

Lower temperatures and slightly higher humidity.

Where the traditional sauna sits around 70-110 C with 5-10% humidity, a soft sauna is had in a temperature range  45-65C with the humidity at around 40-65%. In a soft sauna environment, you can linger for a longer period of time in milder temperatures to enjoy the gentle steam and aromatic scents.

The heat does not feel as intense. As with the sauna, you only need to set aside a few square meter in your home for your very own sauna that you can enjoy in solitude or with family and friends.

The Soft sauna allows you to set the temperature of the sauna to dry heat or steam which is perfect for home use if you like to enjoy a different sauna at different times. Both bathing style allows you to use fragrances.

In essence

  • Tylo Combi Heater with inbuilt tank boils water for sustained humidity;
  • No need for water on hot rocks – gentler sauna at lower temperatures,
  • Can alternate between dry, wet, and steam-sauna in the one session.

With our Combi heater you get several functions in one. Interested in learning more about Soft sauna and our Combi heater, give us a call  on (07) 3807 2557.