Sauna Rooms

At Aussie Sauna & Steam we have been building quality saunas in Australia and overseas since 1980. We install saunas, steam rooms, and steam showers directly into your home.  If you have been to a sauna or steam room in any Fitness First, Goodlife or Go Health Health Clubs, or in high rises such as Aurora, Sole and Meriton, you have likely already enjoyed one of our commercial sauna or steam rooms.

Benefits of using a Home Sauna

A home sauna is the best way to relax, detoxify your body, and improve your health. Sweating helps to detoxify your skin, keeping infections out and protecting you from getting sick. Regular sauna use also helps to cleanse your skin and give you a more youthful appearance. Increasing your heart rate by being exposed to higher temperatures improves your circulation. Using a sauna also helps to increase your metabolic rate, and the energy used to sweat helps to burn calories as well. Sauna bathing also helps to relax your muscles and help them recover after exercise.

Our traditional saunas are hot, dry rooms, with temperatures between 70 and 90 Celsius with a humidity of 20 to 35 per cent. Our large selection of electric sauna heaters can provide an ideal heater for any sauna. We offer everything from compact to Mega Super 10Kw for home use, and always carry a full range of commercial heaters and controllers. We can also provide you a traditional wood burning heater and chimney kit. Tylo heaters come with fully programmable and energy saving controls.

Large Variety of Sauna Heaters for Sale

Some of our preferred sauna heaters for sale include: Sense Sport, Sense Plus, Sense Combi, Rocher Wood, Saga 20 and Karhu. Each of our Sense line sauna heaters combine sleek design with reliable functionality, high quality and precise temperature control. Our Rocher wood sauna heater provides a unique tower of sauna stones with traditional wood burning heat. The larger surface makes it easier to turn a ladle of water into a wave of refreshing steam. There is something special about wood fire saunas, and our Saga 20 and Karhu heaters both provide the experience of wood fire heaters that retain heat even better than before.

At Aussie Sauna & Steam we are able to do any needed repairs on your sauna. We can fix timber seating, doors, vents and more. We can provide you with a custom sauna that is perfectly tailored to fit your home and needs. After helping you to design your door, window and seating solutions, we can educate you about how to get the most benefit out of your sauna. Our team of carpenters have been trained to build traditional, Swedish saunas for you. We will never take shortcuts and always work to provide you with an elegant, comfortable sauna for your home.