More about our Infra Cabins

270871-330x238Installing an Infra Cabin

Our Infra Cabin are easy  to assemble with no tools required. Wall panels mounted to an easy- fit base and topped with easy- fit ceiling panel. The Infra cabin can be  safely plugged into  most standard household electrical sockets.

An Infra cabin allows you to sit and relax compared to the sauna/steam/Tylarium which we recommend  building to be able to lay down to enjoy full relaxationto be able to lay down to enjoy full relaxation.

The Tylo infra-red Prime 1812 provides refreshing long-wave heat.

Spread out your towel, take a seat in your Tylo infra cabin and let yourself be surrounded by the invigorating heat. Indulge yourself for a while, listen to music from the integral stereo system or read a newspaper as you relax and enjoy.

The infrared heat is the same kind of heat the sun provides us with. The infrared heat itself is generated by the CarbonFlex heating panels. The infra Prime are also equipped with colour therapy, which is simply controlled using the integral control panel.

The general temperatures enjoyed in these cabins are about 40-45 degrees Celsius but higher temperatures can be achieved if preferred.

2 x 2m.The 1812 is suitable for three persons. They are easily installed without tools and can be safely plugged into most standard household electrical sockets.

The cabin is equipped with integral magazine rack, drop down AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo system and chromo therapy, easily controlled by the internal control panel. It allows you to choose the light colour most suitable to your mood or rotating colours for added relaxation and serenity.

There are also integral mini spotlights internally and externally.