Learn More About Steam Rooms


We build our steam rooms by tiling the walls and benches or we can use aluminium benches. Marble and glass can also be used. Create curves in any colour of your choice with our new seating product called Wedi.

Tylo steam rooms are now available with a new prefabricated seating system called Wedi. This waterproof material can be moulded and curved to soften the design features of the steam room. Wedi is exclusive to Aussie Sauna & Steam. Contact us to find out more about this amazing product!

Aussie Sauna & Steam is a leading provider of premium steam rooms for both commercial buildings and private residences. We will individually design and install a steam room that is perfect for your needs and the available space. We will curve the ceiling to allow the water to run off. The ceiling material is aluminium sheeting. The steam generator is placed outside the room with the steam pipe inside the room. A shower in the steam room is an enhancement and enables a cool or lukewarm shower during the steam session.

Our steam rooms can be seen in many Brisbane hotels, resorts in the WhitsSteam Showerundays, Aquatic Centres, Day Spas, Fitness Centres and many private bathrooms. We supply the famous Tylo brand, bringing you Swedish know-how adapted to Australian conditions.

We also offer prefabricated steam rooms and showers for either indoor or outdoor use. These make the perfect addition to any pool or entertainment area.

A steam bath is very inexpensive to operate as it is only on when being used. There is no major upkeep for a steam room and no harmful chemicals being absorbed into the body. Instead, the body’s toxins are being removed through perspiration.

We create beautiful and elegant rooms incorporating the methods of Hammam style bathing which results in a feeling of exhilaration, total relaxation and absolute cleanliness. You heat, cool and cleanse the body while promoting a sense of relaxation.