Here are some of the Sauna Accessories available. You will find more products and detailed information at the Tylo website.

Pure Essential Oils for your Sauna and Steam Room Experience

With every purchase of a Tylo sauna heater or Tylo steam generator from Aussie Sauna & Steam, we will provide you with a complimentary bottle (10mL) of pure essential Eucalyptus Australiana oil.  All Tylo sauna heaters and Tylo steam generators have a built in vessel for carrying and dispersing pure essential oils so you can safely and effectively use them with all of our equipment.

To reorder your pure essential oils please see the attachment for a complete price list of the products we can supply.
Essential Therapeutics Price List 2017

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Essential Oils

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Wooden Bucket

Stainless Steel Bucket with Ladle

Thermometer & Hygrometer