Custom Steam Showers

At Aussie Sauna & Steam, we know that sometimes everyone just needs a personal oasis to get away from everything and relax after a hard day. We find this oasis in a world full of water and hot steam. Unfortunately, not every home has the space for a full sauna or steam room. This is where our exclusive steam shower can become your own personal escape. Aussie Sauna & Steam has several options for steam showers.

In the same amount of floor space as your normal shower takes up, Aussie Sauna & Steam can install an entire spa. Our steam showers provide limitless options. Our amazing steam shower will provide you with an entire range of wonderful bathing functions, including a steam bath, cascade, jet nozzles for water massage, tropical cloudburst and conventional shower flow. Our world of water and steam will fill your senses. When you decide you want steam, at the flip of a switch, the small generator can instantly fill your shower full of warm steam. And it is just as simple to turn off the steam function.

Steam Shower Models At Aussie Sauna & Steam

Just like your regular shower, you can enjoy the functions of this incredible shower every day, to begin or end your day. The steam shower can simply be installed in the same shower area of your bathroom. At Aussie Sauna & Steam, we offer the Impression i130, the Impression i170, and the Tylette Centre Steam Shower. These options all take up the same amount of space as a normal bathtub or shower, or in the case of the Tylette, take up the same space as a corner bath would. These options also provide a self-contained space, with the options of many types of water therapy and steam options in one convenient space.

If there is any other Tylo model that you would prefer, we can put in a special order to Tylo Sweden, and have that model available for you after a short waiting period. Most models of steam showers typically consist of a larger shower, with a fixed seat for comfort, which offers both room to stand and shower, and an external steam supply for a steam room. Although repairs are rarely needed, we also offer steam shower repairs in Brisbane. Our steam showers are a perfect option for a relaxing oasis in a smaller space.

Accessories for Saunas, Steam Rooms, Steam Showers and More

Aussie Sauna & Steam can provide you with the best options in sauna and steam relaxation today. We have special accessories to enhance the experience of your sauna, steam room or steam shower. We offer fragrance dispensers for your steamer. You can set the dispenser to determine how much or how little fragrance to dispense at a time. We also offer essential oils for use inside your sauna, steam room and steam shower to help you relax. LED down lights are also available to be placed inside your sauna or steam room to provide a more relaxing custom lighting. You can make your space uniquely your own to help relax and improve your health.