Sauna & Steam QLD Has Parts, Repairs, And Sauna For Sale In Brisbane

What do you do when you need sauna repairs in Brisbane? That’s easy. You call Queensland’s and northern NSW’s leader in the industry, Sauna & Steam QLD. The company has been providing the area with high quality sauna and steam room equipment, parts, and repairs for four decades. Offering authentic Swedish made Tylo equipment, Sauna & Steam QLD is the premier provider of saunas in Queensland.

Everyone Should Have A Sauna In Their Home

There are a number of reasons that you should have a sauna or steam room in your home. The health benefits of using a sauna regularly date back several centuries. Sitting in a sauna will force the body to sweat. Sweating provides many benefits to the skin including getting rid of dead skin cells and removing toxins from the body. The skin swells when it absorbs water. Using a sauna helps to cleanse the skin of excess water and dead skin.

Sitting in the sauna is also a form of mild exercise. Your heart rate will rise, your metabolic rate increases, and as a result you will burn calories. The increase in heart rate helps circulation throughout the body and helps to condition the heart. Using a sauna regularly will also help you enjoy a deeper, more refreshing sleep at night.

In addition, sauna usage will help to relieve stress and anxiety and help you relax. If you work out regularly, trips to the sauna can help you recover from heavy exercise. The heat will assist your muscles in relieving soreness.

Your Sauna For Sale In Brisbane Is At Sauna & Steam QLD

If you are considering installing a sauna in your home, you need a name you can trust. Sauna & Steam QLD has been building saunas for the last 35 years. They use the finest Swedish manufactured equipment and cedar plantation timber. The professionals at the company will design and build your custom sauna or steam room to fit your needs, your home, and your budget.

The Swedes are, of course, considered the pioneers of sauna and steam baths. Sauna & Steam QLD uses Tylo equipment, which offers you all of the benefits of Swedish design and expertise. You can also feel confident in a company that has built sauna rooms for cruise ships, spa retreats, high-rise commercial buildings, and popular health clubs.

Sauna & Steam QLD Provides Parts And Service Too

As an added benefit, Sauna & Steam QLD can service your sauna or steam room and has a variety of sauna parts for Brisbane clients who need them. Whatever the problem, the experts at the company can have your sauna back up and running in no time. If you are having problems with your door or ceiling vent, Sauna & Steam QLD can come in and take care of it. If any of your timber seating needs work, the company can handle that as well.

For all of your sauna and steam room needs, repairs, parts, and installation, contact the area’s best at Sauna & Steam QLD. Visit the company’s website,, or call 1300 665 955 or 0416 077 834.