Experienced Carpenters Can Do Repairs, sell Parts and Build Custom Kit Saunas for Sale in Brisbane

Relax, detoxify your body and improve your health today with sauna bathing. Sweating can help to prevent infection and illness by detoxifying your skin. The comforting heat from your sauna can help to cleanse your skin, giving you a more youthful appearance. A sauna will raise your metabolic rate, helping you to burn calories through the energy used to sweat. Your heart rate will increase and improve your circulation as you relax. A sauna experience can help to heal and recover your muscles after exercising. To get all of these benefits and more, you need a home sauna. If you are someone who moves house frequently, installing a fixed sauna might not be an option for you. However, at Aussie Sauna & Steam, we have a solution for you. We now have available kit saunas in Brisbane.

A kit sauna is built in a similar way as a typical sauna room, except for allowing the walls, ceiling and floor to be parted when you are ready to move it. When it is time for you to move house, it is simple to dismantle the kit sauna and move it to your new home. This kit can be built to your exact specifications by our carpenters. Any necessary kit sauna repairs in Brisbane can also be completed by our experienced carpenters. When looking into kit saunas for sale, customers should keep in mind that a kit sauna is not necessarily a cheaper solution compared to a traditional sauna.

Kit Saunas in Brisbane are Available for Sale

At Aussie Sauna & Steam we also carry ready made kit saunas for sale in Brisbane. Our ready made sauna kit is called Evolve 1414 C, and it is a corner unit. The Evolve 1414 C kit comes with thermally insulated walls and ceiling sections are created from spruce panelling. The clear glass sauna door has a wooden frame. With blond aspen fittings throughout, assembly hardware included and an aluminium floor frame, this kit sauna is very solid when it is constructed. The heater for this sauna does have to be purchased separately from the kit sauna. This kit works with the compact 4.5 kW heater for a more traditional sauna heater, or the Combi 4.5 kW heater if you prefer to make your Evolve sauna into a Tylarium or soft sauna. For any advice, heaters or kit sauna parts in Brisbane, customers are encouraged to contact us so that our expert staff can help you figure out exactly what you need for your kit sauna.

Experienced Team Has Been Building Saunas and Kit Saunas for Decades

Aussie Sauna & Steam has been building saunas since 1980, both overseas and in Australia. We use only Swedish Tylo equipment and all of our carpenters are expertly trained so that our clients receive only the highest quality saunas and steam rooms. We offer many options for our customers to choose from and will create an elegant, relaxing sauna or steam room for your home. When you have had a long day, you deserve to come home to the perfect relaxation experience. Our sauna and steam rooms will improve your overall health and wellness and give you the peace you need.