Infra Cabins

Infra CabinsWhy a infra cabin?

The Infra Cabin might be more tolerated by clients who don’t enjoy the high temperatures of the standard hot air or steam saunas. This is because far-infrared rays do not heat the air inside the sauna, but they still heat the body. However, most infrared saunas in the market do not use the expensive far-infrared panels. These panels can be touched because they always remains cold. Much cheaper low and medium-infrared heaters have panels which remain very hot when used and also heat the air of the infra unit.

The Tylo Infra Cabin uses heating panels of a high standard.

Features that make a difference

Our Infra Cabins are equipped with heating panels that have a large surface area providing a soft heat which is evenly distributed from all sides. This means no hot or cold spots. We have infra panels in the bench, walls and floor sections.

Our Infra Cabins have a clean Scandinavian design in combination with wall sections in Canadian Hemlock. All Infra Cabins are finished in white exterior paint.

Our Infra Cabins are easy  to assemble with no tools required. Wall panels are mounted to an easy-fit base and topped with an easy-fit ceiling panel. The Infra cabin can be safely plugged into most standard household electrical power outlets. Read more about our Infra Cabins here.

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