FAQ Steam

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Are there special requirements when designing a steam room ?

It is important to not make the ceiling hight too high. As with a sauna room, the heat rises , so we recommend a ceiling hight of 2.1 m and no higher than 2.4 m. We can create a curved ceiling or build a raked ceiling to avoid the water drip on to the users. The steam room have to be fully waterproofed. Timber seating is not recommended.

What materials are used in a Steam Room ?

A Steam Room can be fully tiled,  aluminium benches and aluminium sheeting to walls ceiling can be used, marble, plastic and glass are also materials frequently used.

How long should I stay in the steam room ?

As with the sauna. This will vary with every individual. Stay as long as you enjoy it and feel good. Have a cool shower or dip in the pool and then back in the steam room again. Make sure you drink lots of water to replenish your body.