Pure Essential Oils for your Sauna and Steam Room Experience

With every purchase of a Tylo sauna heater or Tylo steam generator from Aussie Sauna & Steam, we will provide you with a complimentary bottle (10mL) of pure essential Eucalyptus Australiana oil.  All Tylo sauna heaters and Tylo steam generators have a built in vessel for carrying and dispersing pure essential oils so you can safely and effectively use them with all of our equipment.

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Essential Therapeutics Price List 2017

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P&O’s Pacific Dawn Sails with a new Sauna!


The Pacific Dawn cruise ship now has a brand new sauna just completed on its recent voyage to Cairns! While passengers relaxed and enjoyed their holiday, we were working hard to completely refurbish the sauna. The Western Red Cedar paneling with herringbone infill pattern on the seating looks stunning!


Does the floor get hot ?

Since heat rises, the sauna floor becomes the coolest part of the room. Timber decking to floor is not necessary.

How much room do I need for a Steam Room

A Steam Room can be built into an existing room as small as 1.2 x 1.2 m. We can build your Steam Room  as large as you need depending on how many people you need to accommodate at the same time. It also depend if you like to sit up right or be able to lay down relaxing.

Are there special requirements when designing a steam room ?

It is important to not make the ceiling hight too high. As with a sauna room, the heat rises , so we recommend a ceiling hight of 2.1 m and no higher than 2.4 m. We can create a curved ceiling or build a raked ceiling to avoid the water drip on to the users. The steam room have to be fully waterproofed. Timber seating is not recommended.

What materials are used in a Steam Room ?

A Steam Room can be fully tiled,  aluminium benches and aluminium sheeting to walls ceiling can be used, marble, plastic and glass are also materials frequently used.

How long should I stay in the steam room ?

As with the sauna. This will vary with every individual. Stay as long as you enjoy it and feel good. Have a cool shower or dip in the pool and then back in the steam room again. Make sure you drink lots of water to replenish your body.

Can I bring my young children in the sauna ?

Children should only be in the sauna under adult supervision. If the sauna has two level of seatings they can sit on the bottom bench where it is a bit cooler than on the top bench. Make sure they drink lots of water and do not stay in for too long a session.

How long do we stay in the sauna ?

This will vary with every individual. We recommend you mount a 15 min sand timer on the wall to monitor. Have a cool shower or dip in the pool and then back in the sauna again. You can swap heat and cool water as many times you enjoy it. Make sure you drink lots of water to replenish your body. Don’t stay in the sauna if you feel unwell.

How much water can we throw on the rocks to create steam ?

Water are to be sprinkled sparingly on to the rocks. Best to use a sauna ladle. If you pour too much water on the rocks it will run through the heater and end up on the floor. You have to use normal tap water or rain water, no chlorinated water as this will damage the elements in the heater.

What is the best timber to use ?

In Australia, the most common material is the Western Red Cedar due to it’s durability. It also has a lovely scent.

Other materials like Spruce and Aspen can also be used.

Do we need a floor drain in the sauna ?

It is not  needed  for the function of a sauna room. If it is a commercial sauna and the floor need to be hosed down for cleaning, we then recommend you install one. If you have a floor waste, you should also have a tap inside the sauna to charge the floor waste and avoid smell from a dried out trap.

It is safe to use a sauna at any age ?

Yes, it is safe, however you should consult your doctor if you suffer from a heart condition, high blood pressure or other medical conditions. Sauna and alcohol is not recommended. Drink plenty of water as you will sweat throughout the bathing process.



Tylarium gives you the opportunity to choose between a traditional dry sauna or a steam sauna. This heater gives you up to 70% steam, hence no need for water proofing of the room.

Some of our Commercial jobs

Fitness First HealtClubs in Brisbane and The Gold Coast

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Noosa Springs Day Spa

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Urban Village, kelvin Grove

Cairns harbour Light


What we need to know to assist you

A Floor Waste and Tap can be installed inside the sauna room. Not necessary though unless you would like to fill up your water bucket without leaving the room. Use a ladle to sprinkle water on the rocks for increased humidity. Be careful and ladle sparingly. You can infuse the water with some drops of essential oil for aroma.

Floor Finishes: The floor in a sauna does not get hot. The most common flooring used in a Sauna is a non slip tile. Polished concrete and stone are other options.

Wooden duct board can placed on top. Be aware… Continue reading