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Why choose us?

Starting out in Sweden, we have built saunas for the last 35 years. We use the Swedish Tylo brand manufactured equipment and our cedar is plantation timber. We have repeat business because our clients return to us and also refer us to their friends, family and business partners.

Tylo has been in production for 70 years with the last 40 in Australia. We are the sole distributor of this Swedish manufactured sauna and steam equipment in Queensland. We are proud to be part of the leading sauna and steam equipment brand with its superior quality and modern design.

We will assist you in design, manufacture and refurbishment. We supply Tylo accessories, heaters and generators for your sauna and steam rooms and provide the highest quality equipment and workmanship. We offer all the benefits of Swedish design and expertise adapted to the Australian market.

Fitness First Health Clubs use Tylo heaters, generators and accessories world wide. Goodlife Health Clubs have our Tylo equipment in all of their clubs Australia wide. We build sauna rooms on cruise ships, in high rise apartment buildings, spa retreats as well as in private homes.

At Aussie Sauna & Steam, we are not happy until you are completely satisfied with your sauna or steam room/shower.  We will work with you every step of the way from design to installation to ensure all your needs are met within budget and taking into consideration space constraints.

If you are considering including a sauna and/or steam room in your home, apartment or commercial setting, please make Aussie Sauna & Steam your first port of call. We are happy to offer a free, no obligation quote and/or professional advice about any of the products in the Tylo range for your sauna or steam room.

For your existing sauna/steam room, we also offer servicing and repairs for all Tylo equipment.

Sauna room at night

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