Looking For Infrared Sauna Repairs In Brisbane? Find Parts And Infrared Saunas For Sale At Sauna & Steam QLD

The benefits of using infrared saunas have been touted for years. In Brisbane, all over Queensland, and in northern NSW, Sauna & Steam QLD homeowners and business clients alike go to the industry leader for infrared saunas for sale. The company has been designing, manufacturing, installing, and refurbishing saunas and steam rooms in Australia for nearly four decades. Using premium Swedish technology, Sauna & Steam QLD provides its clients with the highest quality equipment and workmanship in the industry. If you are considering installing a sauna in your home, consider infrared technology offered by Sauna & Steam QLD.

Why Choose An Infrared Sauna For Sale In Brisbane

An infrared sauna in Brisbane uses radiant heat to produce the sauna effect. The heat is absorbed by the surface of the skin. The skin will sweat and release water and toxins much like a regular sauna, although infrared saunas are said to excrete a higher content of toxins than traditional saunas.

Like regular saunas and steam rooms, people who use an infrared sauna still receive cardiovascular benefits because the heart rate is increased when exposed to heat. Calories are expended and the experience is much like mild exercise. For those who cannot exercise, a regular sauna is a way to sweat and exert energy. There are benefits to the skin as well. Sweating regularly helps cleanse the skin leaving it looking and feeling much younger.

Who To Call When You Need Repairs

When you need infrared sauna repairs in your Brisbane home, call the company you can trust – Sauna & Steam QLD. The company uses only the highest quality equipment from Swedish manufacturer Tylo. The Swedes have long been known for their expertise and knowledge of sauna and steam baths. When you have a sauna installed or repaired by Sauna & Steam QLD, you are getting the benefits of Swedish design expertise adapted to the Australian market.

The company has done work for major health clubs around the world as well as throughout Australia. Sauna & Steam QLD has built steam rooms and saunas on cruise ships, in commercial high-rise buildings, and at spa retreats. Their client list is extensive and they keep coming back for more. It is because of the outstanding workmanship and servicing that the company is able to provide to its clients.

Your Source For Accessories And Infrared Sauna Parts In Brisbane

To enhance your sauna experience, you may wish to choose from a number of accessories offered by Sauna & Steam QLD. You should have a thermometer-hygrometer combination device to monitor the temperature and moisture content of your sauna room. While there are many benefits to sitting in your sauna, there are levels of heat and moisture that can be dangerous. Having the device can help keep you safe.

You may also want to use some essential oils from Tylo. The oils can be mixed with water and then placed over hot sauna stones in a traditional room. The fragrance released will help to ignite the sense of smell as well as the other senses as well. The results leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. For more information about saunas, infrared saunas, and parts and accessories, visit aussiesaunas.com.au.